Thoughtful Web Design

Lovable websites that excite, engage & attract visitors. Thoughtful layout, SEO research & conscious styling create a space that holistically represents your brand.

Mindful Branding

Thoughtfully designed brand identities that represent the heart of the companies I work with. I start with the question, how do you want your customers to FEEL. ​

Holistic Marketing

Digital & print marketing campaigns that use storytelling & the true brand voice to make genuine connections with your target audience.

project no.01

Square Garden

✤ Created an inspirational e-commerce space & update branding for this sustainable wild flower farm.
✤ Emphasised the beautiful photography & simplified the user journey.
✤ SEO research & landing pages to increase local sales.
✤ Updated branding, design & copy.

project no.02

Seasalt Cafe

✤ Created branding, social presence & responsive website for a zero-waste cafe in cork.
✤ Cohesive branding & design to appeal to the target audience.
✤ Interactive website that is updated via instagram & search engine optimised.
✤ Social media set up, strategy & training to grow followers & increase engagement & orders.
✤ Offline PR for print reviews.

project no.03

Cobh Zero Waste

✤ Rebranded zero-waste organisation to appeal to target demographic.
✤ Built a website that activates & informs visitors interested in reducing their waste.
✤ Website training & social media strategy for volunteers.
✤ Simplified navigation to present information intuitively & lead users on a natural journey.

About me

I help small & sustainable businesses thrive online. I work with you to discover your business’s true mission & target audience. Then I build a website & marketing campaign that represents you fully.


A former fashion editor, creative director & marketing director. now I use my years of experience to develop beautiful, loveable branding.


Let’s work together to reach your audience.


I work with small to medium businesses and sustainable brands. Helping passionate businesses get online and make an impact online is a passion of mine. It’s what I get up for in the morning. 


I believe that small to medium businesses have sustainability built-in, even when it’s not a guiding principle. 

Of course, there are times when I turn down work due to the nature of the business, but generally – if you’re a small, local or even one-person – business looking to get online, I’m delighted to work with you. The more diverse options there are online, the less power the often irresponsible mega-companies have. 

Yep. I’m happy to work on smaller elements of projects.

All of the above. 

I’ve been building websites and creating content since 2010.

I was a fashion editor and stylist for ten years. 

I was a marketing director for a startup in Amsterdam for three years. 

I’m techy, but I value aesthetics. I’m a cyber stylist. 

It depends on the project. Website builds start at around €1500. Don’t forget most small businesses in Ireland are illegible for the trading online voucher scheme, which reduces the cost by 50%. 

Branding and copywriting packages depend on the scope. 

Of course I do. His name’s Walter Sobchak and he loves to jump on my keyboard and mjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjkkjjkjkjkjkmnmnmnmnmn

Summer of sustainability Summer of sustainability Summer of sustainability

I’m declaring this the summer where sustainable & small businesses get online.

I’m going to build five websites including branding for a massively discounted rate of €750. 

If you’re a small, local, handmade, or sustainable business, apply now!!

I can only cover  five places so this is your sign to get your website up & running. Enter your details or email me at

let's chat

Sustainability isn't a buzzword

Sustainability is a way of life, it’s sacrifices and paths less travelled. I work with people like you who choose responsibility. No greenwashing, no cynicism, no gimmicks; just genuine, conscious and tech-driven marketing that helps your business grow.

I’d love to chat about how we can work together.

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