Hey, I’m Niamh O’Dea and I’m pretty nerdy about brands. I used to be a fashion editor, columnist, creative director and marketing director. Before all that, I was a child of small businesses owners. These days I help small businesses do better online. I’m like a personal trainer for your small biz, except I encourage chocolate. I’d love to chat with you and see if we should work together.

So what can you do for me?

I offer digital marketing, website, and branding packages costing between 1,500-2,500. You’ll come away with a clearly defined brand, from logo to brand voice and social media templates. Digital marketing skills that will help you understand and put into practice scary scary words like SEO, social media, and the very scary content schedule (spoiler; it’s not that scary).

Can I just get a site now?

Em, not really. If you want a website built quickly, pop over to a web developer. What I do is build a website that works very, very well for you…not the other way around. If you’ve gone the route of straight-to-developer, you’ll know what I mean.

Your site should represent your business and brand, be a lovely experience for your customers, and, most importantly, help you reach your goals. So before we even talk about the site, we talk about you, your goals, your clients and customers. And then, we start building your online presence holistically. 

So you do all the work?

Emmmmm, no, not at all. We spend 4-6 hour-long sessions going over key points of your business and start building an easy-to-follow plan that you will implement over the next few months and years. We work out your keywords, your ideal customers, where to find them, how to attract them, what to post online and when. We figure out the branding that will appeal most to them. We figure out the best way to produce content for them. And, finally, we launch your site.

Yes, we build the site, but you’ll have done the work needed to make it do its job properly; to be found when your ideal customer searches for businesses like yours, to increase sales when they do find you, and to make them want to come back.

Who do you work with?

Unfortunately, I can’t work with everyone who contacts me. When I take on a new client, the first 4-6 weeks are quite intense so I limit the number of clients I have at one time. I don’t work with everyone who contacts me because I can’t help everyone who contacts me. I work specifically with owner-operated businesses, usually in the fashion/lifestyle/food sector. 

How do we get started?

Drop me an email and we’ll schedule a quick casual chat. You tell me about your business, I tell you about what I can offer, and, if we agree we’re a good match, we get rolling. Drop me a mail on niamh@brandnerds.ie to kick things off.

What I offer you is a truly valuable — and lean! — service that is custom made for you. It will be affordable, do-able and result-driven. I will add long-term value, confidence, and skills to your growing business. 

Marketing shouldn’t feel like rocket science — take it from a nerd!