With decades of experience working in fashion, media and start-ups in Dublin, London and Amsterdam, Brand Nerds bring a mix of media expertise and digital marketing savvy to their approach to helping small businesses. As previous editors, heads of ops, project leads, and creative directors, we’ve experienced some of the pitfalls which can lead to failure as well as the strategies which lead to success. Having both worked in successful enterprises, we also understand what makes big companies tick.


Niamh O’Dea is a creative director and digital strategist who lives in Cork. As creative director and part of the launch team of a fashion start-up and a med-tech in Amsterdam, she regularly devised and implemented high-impact digital marketing strategies. She is an accomplished fashion editor, stylist and columnist, and a blogger since the early 10s. She has a Dutch cat and an Irish baby.

What we offer you is a truly valuable — and lean! — service that is custom made for you. It will be affordable, do-able and result-driven. And no matter what your budget is, we will add long-term value, confidence, and skills to your growing business. 

Marketing shouldn’t feel like rocket science — take it from two nerds!