You're a small business owner a multitasking hustler a creative perfectionist a pragmatic dreamer about to make things happen

You’re not the average small business. You’re extraordinary, amazing, outstanding in your class, even if yours is a class of one.

You’re a pioneer in your industry, bravely forging into new territory, with a laptop in one hand and a cold coffee in the other. You’ve had to convince people there’s merit in your idea. And — secretly — it might have taken those first hard-won sales for you to be absolutely convinced yourself.

You’re still building your base, with blood, spreadsheets and tears. Every sale is won on long hours and late nights. And you’ve worked damn hard for every euro you bank. 

What you’re looking for.​

You wouldn’t shop in a store that didn’t have price tags and you’re not going to shop for an agency without knowing what you’re going to be charged.

You’re looking for professionals who’ve worked in small and big companies, with broad, international experience. But you also need people who grew up in families where the small business was the other child.

You want people who can get as obsessed by your business as you are. You want people who aren’t precious and will work with you on your goals. You want a sounding board to bounce ideas off.

Basically, you want people who you can trust. And who are sound. 

What you want to achieve.​

You want to expand, to grow, to decide where to go next. Maybe you’re considering new markets or you’ve honed your product to the point where you want to push it out further. You want to know where to start with your social, or restart. How to turn marketing into sales. You want to be reminded of your longterm vision, your big dream, your ability to hustle hard and to invest in yourself.

You want this to work.

You see the courses marketed to you online. But you don’t have time to be a full-time marketer. You see the marketing agencies sidling up. But you can’t afford to outsource your brand. And not just financially either, handing parts of your business over to someone takes time that you don’t have, and trust that you need to be earned.

What you need is an action plan, that provides quick wins while also building your growth in a sustainable way. What you need, is a brand nerd.